Inmotion V11  £1850 (inc VAT)

Inmotion V11 £1850 (inc VAT)


The Inmotion V11 comes from a long line of innovative electric unicycles from the company Inmotion, who are known for creating electric unicycles that are built around rider comfort. Inmotion electric unicycles(EUC) are known as the iPhone of the EUC world. They just work, and are crafted with usability in mind, premium finish and probably the best ergonomics in the EUC industry.


With a 31MPH (50KPH) normal top speed, and an optional 'pro mode' to increase the top speed to 34MPH (55KPH), Inmotion are not only looking to capture the commuter market with the V11, but also the EUC enthusiasts that want a bit of fun while riding. With an inhouse built motor, and the additional suspension system, the V11 is a formidable all mile portable electric vehicle.Could the V11 be the best all round commuter EUC on the market? Secure yours now to be first in line to receive this amazing wheel, for an expected delivery date of late August.. ( we are highly dependent on inmotion production start time)

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